Most employers often complain that the cost of tower fall prevention training and equipment is on the high side. These trainings are however important to prevent tower falls which are mostly very fatal. There have been cases of tower climbers falling to their death during tower installations, which makes adequate training and tower climber safety tips very important to prevent such deadly falls sab tower hire.

Employers know the high expenses that accompany such falls as they will be fined heavily for safety lapses by concerned agencies with their job sites closed for several months while the investigation into the falls last. Most times when such sites are reopened, the enthusiasms among the workforce reduce drastically as a result of psychological distress and rustiness. This has further enhanced the need for adequate training for tower climbers to make sure they observe all necessary safety precautions while climbing to save themselves from such falls and save their employers the losses recorded when such falls take place on their sites.

Employers have been advised to provide proper safety training, site and equipment maintenance to prevent the emotional and financial shakeups that affect all parties involved when a tower climber falls during tower installation projects.

Safety Tips for Tower Climbers

Several factors have been identified as possible causes of fatal falls for tower climbers. Such factors include weather conditions as at the time of undertaking the tower installation project, high electricity voltage, falling objects, and several other hazards that are capable of tipping the balance of a tower climber.

The need for the right safety tips and gear for climbers safety was became more evident after two young amateur climbers had fatal falls in 2011. New tower climbers are more prone to fatalities than the experienced ones. The fact that no other industry has experienced the rate of fatal falls the tower climbing industry has recorded prompted in-depth research into the major causes of these falls.

These researches showed that most of the falls experienced by tower climbers occur due to wrong use of tower gear and inadequate adherence to safety rules and procedures. Only a few of these falls occur due to gear failures. There are certain major safety procedures you must always observe before undergoing any tower climbing project. Below are some of the tips that can help keep you safe while working at height.

Be thoroughly prepared

It is wrong to start your way up the ladder without making all necessary adjustments to all your tools and equipment. Never be in a haste to get up the ladder without checking the gear and all other tools to make sure they are in good shape. Being fully prepared involves taking all necessary security measures like monitoring the weather daily to make sure you are climbing when the weather condition is more favorable. It is a known fact that when accidents occur at high heights, the weather condition can go a long way to determine the safety of the climber before help comes to him.